VRS385 – Revolutionize Your Customer Service with the Starbucks Formula

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Ever since watching John Dijulius deliver the keynote at a VRMA conference in 2014, I have been a devotee of his work.  Check below for the Youtube video posted by VRMA, and you’ll understand why.

I bought his book, The Customer Service Revolution,  there and have read it repeatedly since then.  It is my customer service go-to manual and over the years I’ve adopted more and more of the principles outlined within it.

In talking about connecting with our customers he says:

“When we are fully engaged, we connect with, laugh with, and uplift the lives of our Customers, even if it is just for a few moments. It is about the human connection.”


“The only businesses surviving with long-term sustainability are the ones fanatical about differentiating themselves through the Customer experience they deliver.”

The DiJulius Group created this customer service vision for Starbucks:

“We create inspired moments in each customer’s day. ANTICIPATE CONNECT PERSONALIZE OWN.”

It’s a vision statement we can apply in our business just as successfully.

We can anticipate the unintended request of our customers just by listening to the background of a telephone call and by reading between the lines of an email.  It simply takes focus and attention.

We can connect with our guests by recognizing the repeat enquirers,  by listening closely and responding accordingly; by creating rapport using their language and methods of communication, and by creating relationships.

We can personalize by sending specialized information – ebooks, guides, checklists, etc, that allow guests to create their best experience.

We can encourage our staff to own the customer experience by giving them a $ amount they can use each month to use any way they like.  For example, they could send guests a voucher to a local baker's or ice cream place; waive a booking fee, or allow a penalty-free cancellation.

In this episode, I expand on some of these ideas and bring many more that DiJuliius includes in the book.  You’ll hear:

  • How Starbucks service vision can be adapted to our business
  • Anticipating what guests might need by picking up on cues you hear
  • Ways in which chance remarks can guide how you create a customer experience
  • Giving employees ownership of experiences
  • Inspired moments and how to create them
  • Compassion, empathy, and putting yourself in the guest’s shoes
  • The NandA List and why you need to create one
  • The F.O.R.D  method and how to use it to create raving fans
  • Doomsurfing and Doomscrolling and how we can overcome it

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