VRS384 – Getting Relationships Back Into A Rental Strategy with Mark Simpson

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Way back in the time before Airbnb we used to have relationships with our guests.

We'd put a small ad in a newspaper or a sign on the lawn and guests would phone us and we could ask them questions about why they chose the property.

We’d make a relationship with them, so by the time they booked you’d know enough about them to feel comfortable they’d look after the place. 

And they would feel happy they’d made the right decision.

Then, because you’d built this relationship and they had a great time, they would come back again or at least rave about you and the property to friends.

The art of making connections with guests is all but gone in the drive towards automation, instant bookings, and rapid turnover.

We rarely know anything about the people who come and go, and because of that, we’ve lost the huge opportunities those relationships presented.

Mark Simpson, of Boostly, joined me in episode 367 to talk about direct booking and we heard about his background in the short-term rental business. 

In this discussion, we focus on relationships in our industry and how they can have huge benefits to a book direct strategy.

You’ll hear about:

  • That thing called conversation and why it’s so important
  • The number one tactic to getting bookings that won’t cost you any money
  • How to use the question “Do you know anyone?”
  • The 3 H’s – Honesty, Humour and Humility
  • Rich guest profiling and ways to use the data
  • Creating raving fans by simply listening (and supplying worms)
  • Lumpy mail and why it works



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