VRS367 – Building a Short-Term Rental Business with the Best Resources

The resources, apps, and platforms we use can make or break our business.  I know this from personal experience, as a poor choice many years ago nearly did break our business.  So, learning from other property managers, which I do now all the time, is so helpful in defining what works, what doesn’t, and how we can incorporate the best into the workflow.

Matt Tesdall has a familiar backstory to the start and growth of his company, Family Time Vacation Rentals in southern Utah and Sister’s Vacation Rentals in Oregon.

Matt and his wife bought a cabin in Utah to escape the bustle of home and business in Las Vegas and fell in love with the area.  Then 2008 came and the only choice to hang onto the place was to rent it out, a suggestion met with an initial negative from Matt’s wife, but she went along with it to save their investment and the much-loved cabin from being sold.

The rest, they say, is history as a local owner asked them to manage his cottage and that set the ball in motion.

Now, with around 170 properties under management in two states, they are managed remotely using a trusted on-site team, and the days of Matt having to do a drive from Vegas to changeover the properties are long gone.

In this episode, we hear how Family Time Vacations has grown with the help of tools and resources available to us all.  From business development to laundry services, operational scheduling to digital marketing strategies, Matt works with tried and trusted suppliers to create a well-controlled business that achieves on every level.

Matt shares:

  • The importance of ‘boots on the ground’
  • The most important investment he’s made
  • How he tackled linen challenges – “it’s me or the bed linen”
  • Ways of managing staffing in different locations
  • His most efficient and effective technology platforms
  • Three most important pieces of advice he’d give someone just starting out

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