VRS354 – It’s Our Time – Why We Need A Route To Professional Development

‘It’s our time’ according to Heather Richer, the President of The Association For Short-Term Rental Homeowners.  We are seeing an unprecedented upswing in interest in vacation rentals as travelers the world over are encouraged to staycation in their own countries and find our mode of accommodation to be safer than hotels and resorts

As our industry has grown and flourished and legions of homeowners become hosts and managers, so the need for professional development has become more necessary.  While a multitude of Facebook groups, forums, and advisors have arrived to offer courses and consultancy, alongside peer support, there has been little in the way of unbiased community.

The Association For Short-Term Rental Homeowners (ASTRHO) – a non-profit organization – is stepping in to fill that gap.

Heather Richer is a long-time tourism specialist with broad experience in the lodging industry having worked in both the hotel and short-term rental space.  Her resumé includes time as VP of Revenue and Distribution at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants and CMO of Red Awning.

As President and co-founder or ASTRHO Heather explain the Association’s purpose is to bring together like-minded individuals and companies with a shared interest in offering safe, legal, and successful short-term rentals for owners, guests, and vendors.

ASTRHO aims to serve those who are just starting out, the hosts who are self-managing, and owners who would prefer to use a property management company, by curating educational materials and producing short courses to promote professional development in the industry.

In this discussion Heather shares:

  • Her background and enthusiasm for the STR world
  • Why the founders chose a non-profit model for the Association
  • How ASTRHO compensates for the shortcomings of Facebook groups
  • Why increased fragmentation means homeowners are increasingly searching for support
  • What the Association will do in terms of education and development
  • The importance of community within the industry

ASTRHO launches on 9th September and will offer a free 14-day trial period.