VRS343 – An overview of the 2020 VR Tech Award competition

The last few years have seen a huge growth in innovation, with start-ups targeting every sector of our industry.  The VR Tech Award has focused on businesses less than two years old and is now in its 4th year.  While Covid-19 has forced some to pause their growth and wait for markets to pick up, many have continued to develop, and in this episode, we hear about the 19 entrants into the 2020 VR Tech Award competition.  Vanessa de Souza Lage, co-founder of the sponsor company, Rentals United summarises each company’s pitch and invites you to check out their sites, and vote for your favorite.

Here are the links to each entrant and you can go to the VR Tech Events site for a full summary of each one and for voting instructions.

Revyoos  – All in one review aggregator

Ciao Booking – A new-generation PMS with some neat features

Trips Community  – A blockchain-based decentralized reservation marketplace

Padlifter – The world’s largest marketplace for short-term rental service providers.

B2Book –  A B2B distribution system for short-term rentals.

KeyData Dashboard  –  A provider of real-time market data for the short-term rental industry

Komodore – All-in-one guest management platform.

Check-in Scan  –  A fast and easy way to automate the check-in process and meet all legal requirements where passport id is required.

Autohost –  a trust & security solution that scans, ranks and analyses every reservation, pinpointing risks and giving you actionable recommendations.

Yada –  An intelligent chatbot that automates guest messaging for vacation rentals and hotels.

Stay Share – A property management system (PMS) helping professional property managers future-proof their business and scale with confidence.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa –  A co-optation system letting you connect directly with members of the community, from your friends to your friends’ friends and sometimes even your friends’ friends’ friends or families.

SUPERHOG – A Trust Membership Platform, combining ID verification and property certification with insurance to ensure hosts and homes are checked and safe, and ultimately protected if something goes wrong.

StayFi – Helps short-term rental managers take back control over their data and become less dependent on OTAs by collecting guest data through branded captive WiFi pages.

Lula.Cleaning  –  Helps you assign tasks and automate communication with cleaning crews.

Domo –  offers an innovative digital approach to entertainment and concierge services upselling.

Modosmart –  Helps property managers reduce energy expenses, with a  universal plug-and-play solution for intelligent control of air conditioning.

Vrolio – A marketplace where owners of vacation rentals can list their homes for sale to investor network.

ConciergeBot – An artificially intelligent virtual concierge platform for vacation rentals, boutique hotels and mid-sized conferences or events.

VR Tech Events – Go here to vote

Rentals United

2019 Winner – Operto