VRS342 – Content Creation for Short-Term Rental Conversion with Kim Doyal

Two weeks ago, Damian Sheridan told us the first thing you need for a successful book direct plan is a website. The second is a powerful content creation strategy.  Kim Doyal is here to tell us that content is not just king…it’s everything.

I came across Kim when I was on the search for something that would help me organize the material I wanted to create for our new property management website.  Our ‘strategy’ up to now has been to randomly create static content,  articles, blog posts, and social media posts, with no real thought to the goals and objectives behind them.

It was more of a ‘hey, let's write something about ice fishing’ rather than finding out if that’s what our guest persona was actually looking for.  Then we’d write a blog post, publish it…often without any call to action.  And after that, we’d forget about it.

We bought into software to schedule content but had no idea how to strategically create it.

Consequently, we’ve never measured the impact of our work…which means they’ve often been wasted efforts.

So when I happened upon the Content Creators Planner, developed by Kim and her business partner Jodi Hersh, it was like a whole new world opened up.  Here was the place to map out goals and objectives, break them down into all the component parts, produce the content, and do that measurement so we’d know what was working.

And have an editorial calendar to get it all scheduled.

Kim joins me to talk about:

  • What got her into the online world of content creation
  • Why ‘showing up’ is important
  • Different types of content to support overall goals
  • Micro-content & when to use it
  • Capturing attention by telling stories
  • Calls to action and measuring success

And much more….

I have 3 planners to give away, so leave us a comment below about why you need this, and I’ll draw 3 winners.

Kim Doyal

Content Creators Planner