VRS327 – A Masterclass in Growing a Vacation Rental Company

Successful property management companies often start in the same way.

An owner of a home has a challenge in finding the right company to manage their property and decides they could be more profitable if they applied their own ideas and passions to it. For Jennifer Frankenstein Harris the search for a technology-forward manager in her area proved difficult so Great Ocean Condos was born.

Focusing on condo complexes in the Great Smyrna Beach area of Florida has proved to be hugely successful for Jennifer who now manages just under 300 units and books nearly $6M in rental revenue annually.

In this episode, she tells her story of how that came about and shares some secrets to the success of her business.

There are many AHA moments in this discussion – It’s not often our podcast editor will pause during an editing session to remark on the content of an episode but this one was different. He was even making notes!

We touched on the importance of keeping ‘vacation” at the forefront of our minds when talking about property management, and how Jennifer feels she only has one owner – “the one I am talking to at this moment”.

These gems are reflections of the passion she has for this business and there’s a lot of takeaways you’ll want to implement.

In the episode Jennifer shares:

  • How visiting another property manager boosted her motivation
  • Why she doesn’t see other companies in the area as competition
  • What makes her company unique
  • The importance of process and standard operating procedures
  • Her advice and 3 tips for new managers just starting out

And more….

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