VRS319 – From Flipping to Property Management – Pivoting in the Short-Term Rental Space

Vee Le is a real estate powerhouse. From flipping more than 150 properties in a five-year period to exploring residential rental, she is now firmly establishing herself as an expert short-term rental investor. 

Vee is an outlier amongst most of the new entrants into short-term rentals.  She’s not out for the quick buck following the ‘make a million in Airbnb’ trend  (which is unlikely to work as a long-term strategy).  Instead, she takes a different and more thoughtful approach to the investments she is making, assesses what will work and what won’t, and has pragmatically resolved the property management dilemma by creating her own PM company.

In this episode, she explains how a purchase in a gated community that wouldn’t rent in the long-term market became her first STR success, and how she evaluates new property opportunities.

Vee explains:

  • Why she pivoted from flipping houses to growing a STR inventory
  • The benefits of short-term rental over traditional rental strategies
  • What makes a good short-term rental from an investment perspective
  • The challenges investors face when sourcing a good property in urban areas
  • How networking has benefitted her business
  • Her top 5 tips for making a smart STR investment


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