VRS313 – How to Create Amazing Short-Term Rental Content and Get Your Website Seen

A few years ago your place might have been one of 50 or so in your area, and although it was a challenge to push up the rankings, your listing was likely to be seen at some point.

Today there are probably thousands of properties – whole homes, shared houses, tiny spaces, yurts, Airstreams, converted everything….you name it, there’s probably someone trying to rent it out. And, unless yours is amazingly unique, the chance of getting it in front of your persona is woefully low. But, you can change that by getting to those potential travelers long before they start looking for accommodation, and in this episode, I tell you how.

We start by looking at the questions people are asking about your location and then planning out content to answer them.

Simple, right?

Actually it is. Marcus Sheridan talks about this in ‘They Ask You Answer’ – a book filled with anecdotal proof that simply answering questions with content works.

Sheridan starts out talking about trust and suggests you start out with brainstorming the top 10 – 20 reasons (fears, worries and concerns) that might cause a potential guest to not make a booking, and then evaluate how well your listing or website currently addresses each issue.

After all, how can we encourage prospective guests to buy from us when the OTAs are telling them we are untrustworthy and that only they can offer security and deliver confidence they will not be scammed.

So we respond to those worries.

After that, you begin to build your library of content answering location questions based on a variety of sources, because your customers are out there in a bunch of places asking them. From general Google questions to Trip Advisor forums and Facebook location groups, the questions you need to deal with are all there.

Can I drink the water?

Are there any dog-friendly beaches?

Where are some off-the-beaten-path hiking trails?

What can we do in bad weather?

Are there any gluten-free restaurants?

“Become the most trusted voice in your industry,” Sheridan writes. “Listen, teach and problem-solve to earn buyers’ trust.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • 4 places to find questions
  • Why you need to scroll to the foot of a Google Search page
  • What you can find in your own email inbox
  • Where to find a treasure trove of questions
  • How to win customers by talking about the stuff that might put them off your place
  • Four distinctly different methods of content creation
  • Embedding third party videos to answer a question
  • Easy audio and video set up

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