VRS310 – How to Make Influencer Marketing Work for Your Short Term Rental Business with Shane Barker

If you’ve ever been contacted by someone wanting to stay at your place for free in return for some promotion on a social media platform, you’ve probably been advised to run a mile.

The question comes up frequently on Facebook groups and owner forums. However, is it something you should consider?

In this episode, influencer marketing expert Shane Barker explains how to deal with these requests and offers tips and suggestions on ways to establish the ‘worth’ of an influencer.

Shane categorizes influencers as:

“…. real-life consumers who share authentic and valuable information with their followers. They are often perceived as role models and possess the power to influence their followers’ choices.” – The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Let’s say for example you have a property in an area where triathletes come to train – there is open water swimming and bike and running routes nearby, and training periods are usually in your low season… You could target triathletes by looking for the forums where they hang out, however, if you jump in and start promoting your property you’ll be bounced pretty quickly.


As an alternative you could connect with a triathlete influencer – here’s a list of the best Instagram accounts to follow and invite them to come to stay while they are in training. A single post from the influencer describing it could have a significant impact.

That is just one example of so many.

As Shane explains:

“The internet is packed with influencers of all kinds – bloggers, photographers, activists, journalists, celebrities, and more. They use different social media platforms to connect with their audiences. In fact, Instagram alone is home to more than half a million influencers.”

This doesn’t mean you should jump on every request you receive.

Unless the influencer is reaching your target audience it will be a wasted exercise so It’s important to do due diligence in the research stage and make sure the post is going to reach the right people. And If it does, the response could be huge.

And to convince you a little more to give this type of marketing a try, Lyfe Marketing posts this statistic:

“By the end of 2019, the number of posts from influencer marketing will grow up to 4.95 million”

Shane is sharing his ebook The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide For The Hotel Industry with Vacation Rental Success listeners. Most of these tips are highly relevant to short-term rentals.

Shane talks about

  • The definition of an influencer and how to establish their worth.
  • How connections with influencers can grow your recognition and boost direct bookings.
  • Ways to find the right people and how to connect with them.
  • The best ways to deal with ‘influencer’ requests for accommodation?
  • What to offer in terms of complimentary stays.
  • How to negotiate a good deal.

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