VRS299 – Born Into The Vacation Rental Business with Jodi Taylor Refosco

When you are born to parents who run a vacation rental business and your first real job is cleaning hot tubs in rentals you are likely to learn a lot about the industry from the ground up. Having that sort of experience is what prompted Jodi Taylor Refosco to launch Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales, in 2008 with her husband, Joe, and her brother, Chad Taylor. Now managing over 400 vacation rental homes along with another 150 non-renting homes, Jodi is still as hands-on as she ever was.

Jodi’s bubbly personality and energy is front and center in this episode as she tells the story of how Taylor-Made grew to become the largest property management company in the area.

The VRMA elected Jodi as President last November – a culmination of years of service to the organization that her parents were a large part of during their time as vacation rental managers. She shares her thoughts on the challenges property management companies of all sizes are likely to see over the next few years as well at the value of becoming a VRMA member.

In this episode Jodi talks about:

  • How she started in vacation rentals
  • The key benefits that Taylor Made bring to their owners and how are those sustained
  • Why the personal touch means so much to owners using a PM company
  • What she tells owners they need to do to stand out in a competitive market
  • The most important aspects of change that new and smaller managers need to be aware of
  • The biggest challenges VR business owners will face
  • What VRMA can offer to small VR managers

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacation Rentals