VRS292 – A Vacation Rental Hospitality Mindset, Extended

In today’s episode of Vacation Rental Success, I’m joined by my son and business partner, Mike Bayer to discuss a topic that’s concerned us both recently

There’s a worrying trend in the social media sphere where some folks feel it’s OK to judge, demean, and to generally be unkind.   We see it everywhere, and sadly it’s happening on those platforms where we vacation rental owners and managers go to share our experiences, ask questions and get feedback on a whole range of issues.

Often the question is simple and borne out of inexperience, and in many cases, the responses are helpful and kind. And then comes the slammer.

The sort of reply that would never be offered face-to-face.

Making a judgment on another person can seem easy and often it’s done because they don’t match up with our perception of what their behavior should be.

We’re all professionals and have a massive amount of collective knowledge and experience, much of which is dispensed freely in these forums. So, when someone relates an experience – maybe something they do that has you wondering about their suitability for hosting – rather than jump in with what they ‘should do’, instead take a coaching approach.

Give them the benefit of the doubt as a new owner or host, and share your thoughts in a considerate and caring manner. Try using these coaching strategies to help them:

  • Build trust by developing a relationship
  • Ask open-ended questions that extend the conversation and allows for a more proactive dialogue
  • Listen
  • Use positivity as a base
  • Be a consistent presence
  • Don’t judge

Then, when you are ready to respond, don’t jump in with a list of how they could do it better. That can come across as passive-aggressive and have a negative impact. What you can do is reframe your reply in the form of a question.

  • Have you considered…..?
  • Would it work your business if…….?
  • Could you try…..?
  • How would it be if you…..?
  • What difference do you think it would make if you…….?

What it comes down to is the old saying my grandma instilled into me:

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

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