VRS287 – Transformation, Expansion and Explosion – Lehmann and Landau on the changing nature of the vacation rental industry

Three articles were published recently all dealing with the same question – ‘What is happening in our industry, and do we need to be concerned?’ The authors – Amy Hinote of VRM Intel, Matt Landau from the Vacation Rental Marketing blog, and Simon Lehmann, co-founder of AJL Consulting – are all well-qualified to answer that pressing question, but offered different answers and solutions. Lehmann and Landau join me to talk about their perspectives on the changing landscape of our industry and what they feel we need to do to navigate the complexities of these times.

There’s no arguing the business is growing exponentially – we see this in statistics, in the way acquisitions and takeovers are happening, and in the billions of dollars pouring into digital start-ups. What is at stake is how we grapple with this growth and adapt our business practices to stay abreast of the change that’s happening.

Unfortunately, Amy wasn’t able to join us on this occasion, but you can check out her article on the link below.

In this episode Lehmann and Landau discuss:

  • The impact of Marriot’s entry into home sharing.
  • How Airbnb became a verb and what that meant for the competition.
  • The role of consolidators in the industry (Vacasa, Turnkey, Evolve etc).
  • Convergence in hospitality and how it’s impacting the small and not-so-small operator.
  • How keeping up with technology should be a primary goal.
  • Who thrives in times of growth and who gets squeezed out?
  • Whether we should be worried…..or not.

The Transformation of Today’s Vacation Rental Industry: What is going on out there? – Simon Lehmann

Who Are We? The Consequences of the Expanded Scope of the “Private Accommodations” Industry – Amy Hinote

The Vacation Rental Industry Is Exploding. Should We Be Concerned? – Matt Landau