VRS278 – Digital Marketing and Google Analytics for your Vacation Rental Business with Jason Beaton

So, you’ve got a great idea for a lead magnet to attract your website visitors to share their email address and have spent hours on Canva creating something that has massive value for your audience, looks professional and is going to bring loads more leads to your email list. Now what? How do you get that beautiful piece of information from your creative file to your lead’s desktop or phone screen?

The tech side of stuff has always been a challenge for me. As an ideas person I get all creative then get stalled when it comes to the mechanics of getting the finished product from A to B. Where does the PDF live? How do I make a contact form? What happens to the email address from the lead?

All these questions and more are ably answered by Vacation Rental Formula's very own Chief Marketing Officer and digital marketing guru, Jason Beaton in this episode of the podcast.

We also talk about the massive information resource that is Google Analytics and Jason explains the basics about what we should be looking at and what can be safely ignored.

In this episode Jason shares:

  • The options for file storage
  • The benefits of saving to PDF
  • How calls to action can be displayed
  • Which CRMs work best for digital displays
  • How you can track customer actions
  • Which Google Analytics features are most useful
  • Where to learn more about GA

Links mentioned in the episode



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Thrive Leads (A)

Google Analytics for Beginners