VRS276 – Growing Your Vacation Rental Email List with Lead Magnets

Direct marketing to our potential guests is tough. Invariably the OTAs will get to them first with an instant booking, and they are making it increasingly difficult for owners and managers to create any form of relationship with guests before their stay. But, if we were to capture their emails before they get to the booking stage, there’s a huge opportunity to sell direct.

One of the most common questions we’re asked in the Vacation Rental Formula forums is about how owners can get guests to part with their email addresses. Usually, these refer to the guests that are already booked, and there’s any number of ways of doing this.

What we are discussing here is different though.

Capturing their attention (and their email address) at the time they’re in the discovery and dreaming stage is the key to being able to engage with guests who may ultimately book with you.

To do that we have to find ways to make potential guests interested in your property or company and make them want to request more information from you.

It’s called lead generation and one way to generate those warm leads is to offer something of so much value that it’s hard to ignore.

I’m sure you’ve responded to lead generation techniques in the past. I did just last week when I was researching for this podcast episode and stumbled across this:

Of course, I want this. It got my attention with the Free Cheatsheet title, and who doesn’t want to get 69 ideas to grow an email list.

In fact, after I’d downloaded this, I went to the Optinmonster website and read the much more comprehensive blog post, of which the ‘cheat sheet’ was a summary. But they fulfilled their goal – to get my email address. And because their website was so great and full of super information I am staying on their list.

The point of this is??

If you develop some great ‘lead magnets’ that your prospective guests feel they must have when researching their vacation, and they come across them on their social media platforms or even make it to your site, you have their email and can commence a relationship.

If you are a Property Manager or work for an agency this exact same system can be used to grow your email list with a specific focus on attracting new owners and we have a great free workbook to help you design attractive offers for potential new owners.  Check out the workbook below…

See what we did there…? Yes, that was our own lead magnet to attract property managers to join the Vacation Rental Formula email list.

In this episode of the podcast, I’m giving you ideas on some lead magnets you could create, however strongly recommend you go to Opinmonster and download that cheat sheet.

Today You’ll learn:

  • Why you need to get into the head of your target guest (your persona) and find out what is important to them.
  • What a lead magnet actually is
  • How to create compelling information to share
  • The 7 things your lead magnet should do
  • 10 Headlines to boost your opt-in rate
  • Why the words ‘Ultimate’ and ‘Free’ can capture so much interest
  • What other owners and managers are creating

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