VRS266 – Vacation Rental Reflections and Forecasts with Andrew McConnell of Rented.com

A year ago, I sat down with the co-founder of Rented.com, Andrew McConnell and talked about the wider perspective on our industry.  We pledged to have this discussion annually so Andrew could share his views on the year just past and make some predictions on the year ahead.

Andrew shares his opinions regularly on the popular travel news sites, Skift, and Tnooz and for this hour we get the benefit of his thoughts on a range of topics including:

  • The highlights of 2018 in the vacation rental market – what were the biggest surprises?  And what came as no surprise at all.
  • The numerous acquisitions and fundraising in the industry this year and which were most significant.
  • How the continuing issues of legislation and regulations are impacting players large and small in this business.
  • Opportunities and threats for 2019 and beyond.
  • What smaller property managers and independent owners should be paying attention to in the coming year.

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