VRS264 – Planning and Executing a Great Vacation Rental Website Plan

Designing a website is more than piecing together a bunch of pages showing a listing, rates, and availability. The team at Lodgify are great at developing their own content, and founder Dennis Klett joins me on this episode to share his tips on planning out a website, branding and making the components of a good site come together in a fluent fashion.

We discuss how important content is – and as a follow-on from last week’s episode with Alan Egan this takes the conversation to a more technical level but working on the structure.

Dennis shares:

    • How he got into the short-term rental business
    • What prompted him to start Lodgify
    • The important first steps in planning a website
    • Why perfect isn’t necessary, and you should just get started now
    • The essential components of a successful website
    • The benefits and drawbacks of a templated website

Sites mentioned in this episode:


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