VRS263 – Turning Short Term Rental Hosts Into Travel Bloggers With Alan Egan

We talk a lot about creating content, through building websites and blogging, but not so much about the how of it all. This episode explores the practicalities of producing quality material that will not only attract site visitors but will also appeal to the ever hungry Google machine.

Alan Egan has been in the vacation rental business for a long time. Firstly as an owner/host and property manager, and then as an ardent advocate for taking the best photos of a property to make it stand out. More recently, he’s enabled hundreds of owners to begin their journey to independence by helping them create content-packed websites.

Alan is one of the most ‘giving’ people in this industry and has freely shared his expertise and knowledge for many years. Now he’s launched Vacation Soup, he’s taking it to a whole new level and wants to see many more owners becoming the go-to travel bloggers for their location, and in doing so, attracting more business to their properties.

In this episode Alan talks about:

  • How to stop being a property ‘bore’
  • Why we need to see Google as a librarian and keep delivering new material
  • How to create a ‘skyscraper’ article
  • The reason you have to be habitual at content marketing
  • The 10 minute-a-day plan to create mega content
  • Ways of driving traffic with minimal work
  • His best resources for keyword research (and yes, Keyword Shitter is a real one)
  • Why personal recommendations are gold
  • His results from sharing the right way to pronounce Phuket


Vacation Soup

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Harbour View (Don & Gail Amesbury)

SEM Rush

Keyword Shitter

Keywords Everywhere

Word Tracker




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