VRS249 – Vacation Rental Industry Update with Amy Hinote of VRM Intel

Amy Hinote is one of the top influencers in our industry and it was a huge pleasure to sit down and chat with her about the current state of the industry and to hear about some of her upcoming projects.

As editor and publisher of VRM Intel, the must-read magazine for anyone interested in short-term rentals, Amy has a finger on the pulse of what’s current. Our discussion ranges from how homeowners may feel sidelined by Airbnb’s courting of property managers, to the challenges hotel chains face when moving into the vacation rental space.

Amy shared the news of her new magazine that will be launched this fall – Second Home Quarterly or SHQ.

This will be an ultra-glossy publication filled with articles on the wider world of the second home market, from investment to interior design to create a profitable business from them. Contributors to the first issue include Matt Landau of the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog (and Inner Circle), Richard Vaughton from Rentivo, Cliff Johnson of Rented.com…..and I’ll be writing a piece on the benefits of investing in a customized new build against those of buying a used home.

We also talked about the upcoming Vacation Rental Women’s Summit that will be held in New Orleans in February of 2019.

This will be unlike any conference we’ve seen before in the industry and will feature some great speakers including the Countess of Carnarvon (owner of Highclere House, otherwise known as Downton Abbey), and author of Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert.

There will be hands-on workshops, panel discussions and plenty of side events to appeal to all women in our industry. And to top it all, it’s at the elegant Ritz Carlton Hotel located in the French Quarter.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Current issues in the short-term rental industry
  • Why hotels may struggle in non-destination markets
  • What Airbnb is doing to attract more property managers
  • What the owner of Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) will be bringing to the VR Women’s Summit
  • What to expect from the Summit
  • Why there is a need for a second-home magazine

Links mentioned in this episode:

VRWS (New Orleans)

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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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