VRS247 – Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals with Jodi Bourne

There’s no denying it now – I have to get to grips with Instagram.

I'm currently watching my daughter-in-law, Andrea, building her audience on Instagram with my son, Mike, as they document their sailing adventures via @BayerFootTravels and I am seeing and hearing how much fun they are having figuring it all out.

Statistics suggest there will be over a billion Instagram users by the end of this year and at the moment I’m not one of them. Are you?

If not, according to my guest on this episode, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect and engage with the people who are looking for a vacation in your location.

Jodi Tidwell Bourne is a travel and tourism expert who has chosen the niche of vacation rentals to make her mark. She’s spent several years working with property management companies and independent owners to increase their engagement with guests via social media and is sharing her expertise through her new Facebook group focused on practical marketing strategies.

In this episode, Jodi talks about the rapid growth of Instagram and why it’s important we learn the business applications of the platform and start to generate traffic via our location expertise. She shares tips on how to get started, the types of images to share, the purpose of hashtags, and the potential for advertising on Instagram, as well as how we can measure the effectiveness of using this platform as part of an overall marketing strategy.

What we hear from Jodi:

  • Why Instagram is so popular
  • The ways travelers are using Instagram to source vacation information
  • The reason for setting up a business account
  • How to use hashtags effectively
  • The optimum number of hashtags to use in a post
  • Tips for geotagging photos from your phone collection
  • Why reposting can boost your engagement
  • What’s new on Instagram – Instagram TV
  • How to use Instagram Stories
  • The importance of Google Analytics

Links in this episode:

Jodi’s website

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram: @Jodi_Bourne – Tourism Marketing

Instagram: @TxHillcountryTravel 

Instagram: @tourwimberleytx

Instagram: @bourne_Texan_Travels – Bourne Texan Travels – (our family travel blog)

Instagram: @justjodi – My Personal Instagram full of kids, dogs, food, and fun!