VRS242 – Getting Ahead Of Vacation Rental Regulations with Megan McCrea

Regulations – Legislation – Advocacy – Licensing – Lodging Taxes.

These are words that are a part of our short-term rental vocabulary and they aren’t going away. In light of the decision by San Diego’s City Council to ban rentals in secondary homes the importance of getting up to date on the current and pending action in your area has never been greater.

“In a move that will dramatically alter San Diego’s home sharing landscape, the City Council Monday voted to outlaw vacation rentals in secondary homes, limiting short-term stays to one’s primary residence only”. San Diego Tribune 17th July 2018

The time is right to get involved, to use the local community of hosts and owners to build a network and to create a common voice for legal operators to fight back against what is deemed in many places to be unfair legislation.

This isn’t saying that regulations are bad, or wrong. In fair circumstances, they can be a positive force for change to the ‘wild west’ that some areas have become. They can bring irresponsible owners and hosts into a licensed world where they have to monitor and control the operation of their properties and can uphold minimum standards of safety and security.

Today’s guest is the President of the Nashville Area Short Term Rental Association and has the first-hand experience of legislation in action and how advocacy works. In this episode, Megan McCrea talks about her experiences as an owner and host, her involvement in the Nashville host community and offers tips and suggestions on how we can all collaborate and contribute to the local and wider conversation.

Megan shares

  • Why she got into the vacation rental business
  • What ‘advocacy’ really means
  • The history of Nashville regulations
  • Why more hosts don’t get involved
  • What to do if there is no local organization
  • Why you need to stop calling yourself ‘an Airbnb’
  • What is at risk is host communities fail to activate
  • Why it’s important to connect with local businesses


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