VRS241 – Vacation Rental Renovation Stories with Tyann Marcink

There is something addictive about this business, and Tyann Marcink, founder of the VR Mastered Bootcamp, knows this more than most. She is a talented vacation rental photographer, has undertaken numerous VR makeovers and is the owner of multiple properties, the latest of which is a fully renovated former bank in the small town of Marthasville, Missouri.

In this episode, Tyann shares her passion for the industry, the story behind the decision to buy in a location that’s not typically regarded as a destination, and how she’s able to market with impact.

There’s a lot in this episode to learn from as Tyann delivers a masterclass in knowing her guest persona and renovating to meet their needs. For example, the Bank Haus is close to a number of wedding venues, so she has catered to those attending by including a ‘beauty bar’ which is a separate space for people readying for an event – whether it’s for doing their hair, or make-up or generally dressing up for the occasion. She also says – “I I want a place I can bring my grandma to” which is what many people attending weddings will also want, so the Bank Haus is fully wheelchair and special needs accessible.

Tyann shares:

  • How she started up with building a property in Branson Missouri and now has several more
  • Why a business park makes her Union, MO property successful
  • Why she wants us to collaborate with competitors
  • The importance of word-of-mouth marketing in some markets
  • How she uses old-school marketing to spread the word
  • The reason she will accept 6 dogs in a 2-bed home
  • Why good enough is often good enough – perfect is not always necessary
  • How to create a luxury feel in a bathroom at a minimal cost
  • The 3 necessary features for a vacation home renovation for STR purposes


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