VRS240 – Creating a Lifestyle Vacation Rental Business with CJ Stam

Few of us are offered this business on a plate. In fact, I know very few property managers who didn’t start with their own place and built it into a solid business with hard graft and passion. Today’s guest is one of these.

CJ Stam owns Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals in Blue Ridge, Georgia. You may recognize him from Episode 3 of A Sense of Place when he shared his philosophy of vacation rental management with Matt Landau – a strategy that includes collaboration with other property management companies and local service providers. This focus on partnership is a driver in the company’s success and creates a blueprint for anyone who wants to emulate it.

The development of my own business mirrors this in many ways, and as always, it was interesting to hear how a property manager in another country experiences many of the same issues, challenges, and successes as we do.

From managing the sheer amount of inventory coming on board to working on the Blue Ridge Association’s annual event, and all the time trying to balance lifestyle with the demands of a fast-growing business, CJ’s outlook remains positive. In this episode he shares:

  • How his father’s legacy lives on in his business philosophy
  • The one question all VR business owners need to ask themselves
  • How collaboration has benefited his company and others in the locality
  • Why all owners need to go through a regular property improvement project (PIP)
  • Why we need to pay attention to what hotels are doing
  • How knowing what you want your business to look like will improve your lifestyle


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