VRS233 – Co-Hosting and Master Leasing with Anna Rawlins of Airbnb Investor Style

Traditionally, a vacation rental homeowner wanting to move into property management would follow a route that meant investing in expensive software, learning email automation systems and multi-tasking like crazy. Then along came Airbnb with new terms like co-hosting, master leasing and rental arbitrage.

Airbnb has recognized that not everyone wants to be standing at the door and welcoming guests, or even dealing with their inquiries and issues. So they’ve created options for entrepreneurial owners to invest in the business without having to buy a property or spend years building a conventional property management company.

Today’s guest replaced her full-time job income by renting out a basic condo and followed this with building a solid business co-hosting a number of properties, and master leasing others.

Anna Rawlins is the author of ‘Airbnb Investor Style’ and website of the same name and talks about the process of managing multiple properties using the Airbnb model. She explains the differences between co-hosting and master leasing and why one model may be better than the other depending on the circumstances.

Anna talks about:

  • How Airbnb supports the concept of co-hosting
  • What a master lease agreement is and how it can benefit a homeowner
  • The challenges of marketing outside the Airbnb bubble
  • Why this type of investment can suit an entrepreneur looking to get into the STR market
  • Keeping a handle on regulations and legislation in multiple locations

Links featured in this episode:

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