VRS222 – Rick Oster Interviews Your Vacation Rental Success Host Heather Bayer Pt 2

In 25 years of being in this business I’ve learned a lot but don’t for a moment claim to know everything.

The industry is in a period of rapid change, and there is always something new to learn, which is why I follow a lot of people and learn from them.

So when Rick Oster asked me the question posed by Terry Whyte of Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals, “Who do you follow?”, I responded with a string of names including Matt Landau, Eric Mason, Alan Egan, Antonio Bortolotti, Richard Vaughton , Andy McNulty, Jessica Vozel and others.

There were some I missed that are no less important to me in my continuous quest for industry knowledge.

There is no one voice that says it all, but in general, all of these people are on the same page and bring a tremendous amount of experience to the table.

That was one of several questions that members of Matt’s Inner Circle posed; the others were:

  • Melissa from Marco Island Beach Getaway asked how I get inspiration for podcast topics
  • Matt Elder from Ocean Outlook in UK
  • Michael Hamilton of Live Swell wanted to know why I abandoned my career as a hypnotherapist and whether any of the skills were transferrable.
  • Sallie Mitchell was interested to know how guest expectations have changed over the years from my perspective

We closed off the interview talking about networking, the Vacation Rental Success Summit and my passion for education in this industry.

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