VRS213 – Launching AVROA 2.0 with April Salter

On January 1st 2018, the Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates (AVROA) will be officially launched as a non-profit Association.

Dubbed AVROA 2.0, the organization has evolved over the past seven years to an entity that will be stronger, more focused and ready to enter a new era of independent vacation rental ownership and management.

In today’s episode, April Salter, the Chair of AVROA talks about why she feels AVROA is such an important component in every owners and managers’ future plans.

She explains how she started in the vacation rental industry, about her condo ownership in Mexico Beach, Fl, and why she felt motivated to launch the Say No To VRBO Facebook group.

April, along with AVROA’s founder Rod Fitts, the Board and Committee members are all volunteers who have given a lot of time to build an Association we can all be proud of.

We hope you’ll join as Founder or General members, and support AVROA as much as you’ll enjoy the benefits of membership.


Matt Elder

Interesting episode and would be curious to have an update down the line.

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