VRS192 – 10 Sure-fire Ways to Upset Your Guests at Check In

In this solo episode I’m getting back to some basics as I talk about the first 30 minutes your guests experience at your property, and why that is so important to the overall enjoyment of their vacation and to the review they subsequently may write.

There is a magic that accompanies arrival at a vacation rental.  It’s the culmination of months – sometimes years of planning – and all your guests have to go on is the 20 – 30 photos on a listing and the text that attracted them to the property in the first place.

All their expectation have been set, the anticipation and excitement is huge and everything should go according to plan….but so often it doesn’t.  And all it takes is one thing to take the whole group out of their happy place and into another state of mind.

In this episode I explore what can go wrong in the first 30 minutes and how attention to detail and a few little adjustments can make the difference between a successful vacation, and one that is dogged by memories of a poor first impression.

Terry Whyte

Thank you, Heather.


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