VRS180 – Direct from VRSS17 Vacation Rental Sofa Talk From The Goldfish Bowl

After a great first day at the Vacation Rental Success Summit, we set up our podcast studio in the ‘goldfish bowl’, a small room off the social centre and bar, and invited whoever wanted to come in to chat, to join us on the sofa. It was so great to have a stream of owners, managers, and exhibitors coming through to share their insights.

David Angotti shared how a small nugget of information from a 2016 keynote had impacted the way his staff provided excellence, while Rick Oster also picked out one tip from the previous year that he had implemented and then shared with someone else.

Of course, we invited Matt Landau to the sofa and asked about his Friday meet up with Inner Circle members. He admitted to getting ‘teary’ when he looked around at the 45 people who turned up and realised the impact his Inner Circle was having on them.

In this episode you’ll also hear from Andrew McConnell from Rented.com, John Bower (Your Welcome), Dean Curtis (Serenity Vacation Rentals), Rick Oster from Oster Golf Homes and many more.

You’ll hear about:

  • Why you have to be excellent in the eyes of your guests
  • How being 100% impactful is the only way in today’s industry
  • Not being everything to everyone and why that can lead you to more success
  • The small things that make a difference
  • Why carving out a niche and being narrowly focused can achieve greater profitability
  • Adding video reviews to a Your Welcome tablet
  • Facebook lead ads

You’ll hear from:

Andrew McConnell (Rented.com)

Matt Landau (VRMB)

David Angotti (Smoky Mountains.com)

John Bower (Your Welcome)

Dean Curtis (Serenity Vacation Rentals)

Conrad O’Connell (91 Digital)

Mark Pedeferri

Phillip Kendall (Futurestay)

Nikki Woodson Blair (Clanventure)

Rick Oster (Oster Golf Houses)

Sybille Kim (Villa Ausblick)

Gary Troy Miller

Love the podcast from the fish bowl. I had to pull over to the shoulder of the road I was laughing so hard. Mike petting David’s beard was too funny! Great summit and can’t wait to learn even more next year.

Terry Whyte

Thank you Heather for the great weekend.

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