VRS177 – The Vacation Rental Collaboration Revolution with Vince Perez of Fetch My Guest

There’s a lot of talk about independence in our industry; how to achieve success without being swallowed up by the behemoth listing sites, and whether branding is worth the time and effort.

I have a personal stake in all this. As a small property manager facing the challenge from sites wanting to wipe out our personal touch in the name of a more streamlined booking experience, we are in the thick of it. Every day we face the frustration of not being able to talk with our guests before they book; we hear their annoyance when they realize they are paying additional fees for the privilege of booking, and we salvage what we can out of the mess. And, we wonder if we are a dying breed at times.

Then I talk to today’s guest who not only understands the issues but has spent the last few years working on solutions. Vince Perez first joined me in September 2015 when we talked about his company Fetch My Guest. Vince has first-hand experience with his involvement with California-based Beach House Rentals, and he brings this in-depth knowledge of the industry, along with a passion for hospitality and technology.

In this episode we talk about:

• Marketing and automation in the VR business
• How we can break free of the OTA stranglehold
• The continued impact of branding
• What owners can do to regain control over their business
• How collaboration works to deliver more guests
• Vince’s session at the Vacation Rental Success Summit
Sites mentioned in this episode:

Beach House Rentals
Fetch My Guest