VRS174 – The Digital Welcome Book with Henry Bennett of YourWelcome

Our industry is growing exponentially, and with it comes a wealth of apps, new platforms for advertising, physical gadgets and resources. It can be tough to sort through all of these and find the right one that suits your property and your needs.

Our new series of product reviews aims to cut through the marketing hype and bring you an introduction to the founders or developers as well as independent testimony from real users.


The YourWelcome Tablet

The most common lament voiced by owners is hands-down, “Why don’t they read the welcome book”. You’ve probably had that call or text from a guest asking how the microwave works, or to tell you they have accidentally disengaged the satellite TV, and wondered why they didn’t just read the information you left them.

Today’s guest had just that experience when he was renting out his London home, and decided to create a better way of sharing essential home details, as well as giving an opportunity to monetise the product too.

The YourWelcome tablet offers a digital platform to share video instructions, text notes, personal messages to individual guests. It claims to:

“save time, increase revenue, and deliver a great hospitality experience to every guest that stays with you.”

Henry Bennett and his business partner, Paul Loram, kicked off the business a mere 6 months ago and have achieved huge results with thousands of tablets in use worldwide. Featured in Engadget and The Sunday Times, YourWelcome is getting great press, and deservedly so.

Also in this episode is a contribution from our friend Gary Miller who has been using YourWelcome in his property for a while, and has found it a great addition not only to his guests’ experience, but to his own organisation. He uses it to play a pre-recorded personal welcome message to each of his guests as well as to demonstrate some aspects of his property by video. How cool is that!

In this episode you will hear:

  • What sparked the idea for Henry and how it reduced query calls from guests
  • How the video element meets the needs of the millennial demographic
  • The way built-in analytics help to reduce information overload
  • What comes in the box
  • How to sell services from within the platform
  • How guests can check in via the tablet why this works for remarketing purposes
  • How the tablet can be used for newsletter sign-ups

The YourWelcome team have generously offered VRS listeners a 10% discount on a year’s subscription

Go to YourWelcome and claim your discount using code: YW10-034

Sunday Times Article

Engadget Article

Terry Whyte

Thank you Heather.


Just installed my YourWelcome tablets in each of my properties and have already received great feedback fro guests. I love that I can link extra services that my guests can quickly order to increase the number of units per transaction. Great interview and love Gary’s review. Thanks Heather!

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