VRS173 – The Airbnb Perspective With Andrea Diamond

I’m embarrassed that it was only two years ago I was questioning the relevance of Airbnb, and being remarkably short-sighted on the movement of a platform that has since come to dominate the vacation rental space.

I’ve just read ‘The Airbnb Story' by Leigh Gallagher and enjoyed it immensely, learning about how Brian Chesky et al, got the company off the ground, more by luck than design. It was never expected to be the behemoth it’s become, and the story of investors who shied away from dropping their money into the ‘crazy idea’ has similarities to those publishers who rejected the original JK Rowling manuscript.

Airbnb are the platinum sponsors of the Vacation Rental Success Summit this year

In today’s episode, I talk to Andrea Diamond, who leads Airbnb regional operations in Central & Eastern Canada.

We also announce the final keynote speaker for VRSS17…so listen to the end!

We discussed:

  • Andrea’s journey from being a host in Tel Aviv to regional manager for Airbnb Canada
  • Why rural rentals are not a great change in the Airbnb model
  • The importance of the host/guest relationship and how the platform encourages it
  • Why reviews are so important to the success of a host
  • Instant booking and why she wishes it was called something else
  • The Trips concept and how they enhance the guest experience

The Airbnb Story

Andrea’s LinkedIn Profile

Terry Whyte

Thank you Heater. I think you will enjoy your affiliation with Airbnb. I am getting more rentals from that channel than any other channel and am finding the guests are quality people with very good communication skills.

Lisa Marion

So who won the free tickets to the conference? If no one claimed them then I will! The guest speaker is Aaron Zifkin.

    Heather Bayer

    Thank you Lisa taking the time to make a great guesses. Sadly no one got the correct answer but you were very close with Andrea Diamond from Airbnb.

    As appreciation for your guess, contact us through the link at the top of the page for an exclusive discount code if you would still like to attend VRSS17.

Richard @ Rentivo

This should be a really interesting debate. I hope there are some statistics on the “domination” quote as they are powerful and growing, but often used as a “filler” and just another “channel” by managers. They are more “independent owner centric” inventory despite wanting managers properties and hunting them in many destinations.

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