VRS172 – 10 Reasons I Will Not Be Inquiring About Your Vacation Rental Property

Do you ever wonder if your listing is attracting people to inquire about your property? Perhaps you see the stats that show how many have looked at it…but you didn’t get the inquiries or bookings that would make that number seem realistic.

Could it be something in your listing that is moving them onto the next place?

I started thinking about this recently when looking for places to stay on some upcoming trips, and got curious about my own thought patterns as I browsed the hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of potential homes.

This episode explores the mistakes owners make with their listings, and how a little adjustment could bring more visitors to your own site, or at least connecting with you. And often, that’s all you need to get the conversion process rolling.

I uncovered ten reasons I won’t be inquiring about a property. They include unattractive feature photos that don’t grab attention; boring headlines; grainy and badly lit photos; uncomfortable looking beds and dull kitchens, and defensive responses to negative reviews.

Every one of these can be fixed.

In this episode I talk about:

• Why the Orlando villas with an exterior photo of the garage are a turn-off
• What you should remove from your headline
• The importance of professional photos
• How your guests perceive comfort
• Blah blah text and the way to resolve it
• Why I want to know about you and why you love the property
• The one complaint guaranteed to cause a click to the next listing
• Speed of response and calendar updates make a difference
• Why being defensive has repercussions
• Updating calendars and speed of response