VRS161 – 2016 A Year in My World of Vacation Rentals

What a year this has been! From launching the Vacation Rental Formula, to being part of the team behind the mega-successful Vacation Rental Success Summit, to having the best year ever in our management company, it’s been a blast.

In this episode I share the ups and downs of 2016 as we navigated a full-scale conference, the transition to a new reservation management system and the launch of our new website.

  • Here’s what’s covered:
  • Why Wifi is ‘more important than water!
  • Rising expectations and lower tolerance – how to achieve success when the odds are stacked against you.
  • Accidents, liability and the importance of emergency management
  • The importance of connection and networking and what the Airbnb Open and Home Away Summits don’t provide.
  • Shiny new things and why research and being selective saves so much time and money
  • The #1 complaint from owners and what we need to do to
  • How one owner literally went the extra mile!
  • How to make a mom’s vacation happy
  • The importance of providing dedicated tech and charging space