VRS155 – The Vacation Rental Conversion Conversation Part 2

I have a lot of questions about email marketing, and my go-to person for the answers is my son and business partner, Mike Bayer.

Mike has made digital marketing his specialty and he not only talks about it – he is consistently walking the talk. From our early days of using Aweber to our business decision to invest in the (arguable) market leader, Infusion Soft, Mike has immersed himself in the technical and operational aspects of these systems. From the front line work of creating broadcast emails and newsletters to the intricate and more esoteric areas of funnel management, he has built a knowledge of digital marketing he’s now sharing with our vacation rental community.

Since my company is about to launch a new website and we want to hit the ground running with our email list, I want to make sure we get it right first time. So, after hearing about his experience at Converted this year, I wanted to hone in on some more detail and get some more info on how we connect better with our guests and our owners.

In last week’s episode Mike talked about Lead Pages and its new acquisition, Drip, so I wanted to learn a little more about that, and also to ask him some specific questions that would help me and my team as we go into a new phase of our business.

Gary Troy Miller

Great Podcast! I never thought of using locale events to market to my guests. Goes along with selling an experience (vacation) and not just renting a property.
Welcome home Heather.

    Heather Bayer

    Thanks Gary. You have some great opportunities in your area to focus on seasonal events in your area. I love the idea of focusing on the vacation part and can see this will convert more people.

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