VRS149 – Turn Your Vacation Rental Guests Into Ambassadors with Martin Picard

Today’s guest is a sailor, adventurer, ardent traveler, software developer and founder of Vreasy – the Guest Experience Authority ™ – Martin Picard.

I met Martin in Barcelona at the European VRMA conference and attended his presentation where he talked about the value of knowing your guests and creating a personalized experience for them. It was an eye-opener for me as a property manager and an owner, as he shared the ways we can create passionate advocates

His focus on uniqueness and branding is evident in the way he talks about our industry with more emphasis on vacation and less on rental. We had a fascinating discussion on how we, as property managers or independent owners can create such a special experience for our guests that they become our most ardent ambassadors.

Using examples from his own PM company and experience of renting his own properties, Martin leads us towards thinking more strategically about our businesses.

In the interview Martin talks about:

  • The vacation rental business in Spain & the tradition of second homes
  • Why we need to develop uniqueness to build a brand
  • The importance of the word ‘vacation’ in vacation rental
  • The value of ‘client discovery’ and how we can use the information to enhance the guest experience
  • What can change a guest into an ambassador for our properties
  • The three things property managers need to do to create a successful business

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Terry Whyte

Thank you Heather. Very educational.


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