VRS146 – Three Weeks, Three Countries, Three Vacation Rentals

If ever there was legislation governing the operation of a vacation rental property I would want there to be a clause requiring owners to have stayed in a property other than their own on at least 3 separate occasions, with a group comprising the maximum number of occupants.


Because that’s the real way of understanding how your guests feel when they come to your place.

Because it’s the only way to appreciate the power of a first impression, and….

……owners need to fully experience the issues guests face in an unfamiliar environment in order to create the best one for their own guests.

In this episode Mike and I share our learning from the three homes we’ve stayed in the past couple of weeks, in England and Germany, and include a conversation with Andy & Niki Renals – the owners of our vacation home on the wonderful island of Cyprus.

As ever, we have a lot of takeaways from the trip and share the improvements we’ll be making when we get back home.

We talk about

  • the booking experience
  • what wowed us – the power of first impressions
  • the little things that make a difference
  • beds and bedding and the importance of a good night’s sleep
  • How to use guest feedback to implement changes
  • Hands-on owners vs property managers

Links mentioned in the episode:






Villa Carpe Diem

Ferienhaus Wieke via Booking.com

Ambermill Farm – via Home Away


Terry Whyte

Hello Heather, sounds like you had a great vacation.

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