VRS143 – Getting Automated in Your Vacation Rental with Brad Huber

Technology has revolutionized the vacation rental business in ways you wouldn’t realize unless you have been involved in it for a couple of decades. From print catalogs, classified newspaper ads and road signs being the only way of communicating a listing, to mailing keys or hiding them under a flowerpot, the old ways of doing business have been mostly digitally replaced.

Nowadays we have a tech-solution to just about everything. We can automate our emails and newsletter output, connect with cleaners and property managers to monitor their progress, and take a booking within seconds of a guest finding your property.

The tech has moved onto complete home automation so that owners and property managers have control over access, heating, cooling and lighting, and a way to monitor for emergency situations such as flooding and freezing,

My guest in this episode is home automation expert Brad Huber, the CEO of Parakeet. We talk about the general adoption of technology throughout the vacation rental industry; the practical to bizarre applications of it, and how different systems can help owners and managers become more efficient as they create improved guest experiences.

Brad shares:

  • The three tops uses for home automation
  • How owners can benefit in a cost-effective way from implementing these systems
  • Ways of retrofitting, from self-installation to getting professional help
  • How we can detect a party-in-the-making (and don’t we all want to do that?!)
  • How you can stop worrying about your keys being copied
  • What you can do to get automated


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Terry Whyte

Great job Heather. Automation will be critical moving forward. Probably the biggest time saver I have experienced is keyless locks and the owners and guests love them.

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