VRS142 – Building a Vacation Home on the Experience of 5 Years Vacation Rental Living with Lynne Martin

When I last interviewed Lynne Martin, she had just published her book, Home Sweet Anywhere, was excited about having an article featured in the Wall Street Journal, and had stayed in half a dozen vacation rental homes on their worldwide adventure.

Just over 2 years on, I wanted to catch up with Lynne and find out what’s been happening in the nomadic life she and her husband Tim have been leading.

And I found that not only has her best-selling book been published in 8 languages and now available on Audible, Lynne is now a bona fide journalist with a press pass, she is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and Travel Advisor to Travel Smith and will shortly be seen on a TV ad with a major brand.

And that’s not all. She and Tim have just welcomed their first guests to their custom built vacation home in California – a property created to their criteria, developed from five years of living in vacation rentals.

In this interview Lynne shares:

  • The most memorable experiences of a five-year trek around the world
  • Why a simple couch made such an impact
  • The practical tips she is now applying to her own vacation rental
  • 10 simple learning points brought back from a sea of experiences
  • The benefits of using staging and photography professionals
  • How she plans to manage the property when they get back on their travels
  • What’s next on the Martin's adventure list

Sites mentioned in this episode:

Home Free Adventures

Travel Smith

Home Sweet Anywhere

Alanna Schroeder – The Distinguished Guest

Tyann Marcink – Photography

Where you can find Lynne:













Terry Whyte

Thank you Heather.

Gary Troy Miller

Another great podcast, very interesting guest.
Thank you so much for all the helpful information and the many hours you put in each day to make it all available for us.
I like the new video intro, very cool.

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