VRS136 – Successful Vacation Rental Owner Series With Celine Girard

I learn something new about this business every day, and most often it’s from other owners. From those who have been around a long time, and equally as much from the newbies, the disruptors and the innovators. It really is a learning business and the education from our peers in this industry is often second-to-none.

That’s how I felt when I’d finished my interview with Celine Girard, owner of two distinctly different properties – one on the New Brunswick coast, and the other in chic and popular Mont Tremblant in Québec.

Celine is a member of the Vacation Rental Formula and a frequent contributor to the private Facebook group for VRF members so I had met her online, and experienced her passionate enthusiasm, before I met her in person at the Vacation Rental Success Summit. It was so great to meet someone who puts so much drive and energy into the business and is reaping the rewards.

Celine’s background in software development and her husbands’ equal expertise in web design has allowed them to build a custom website that incorporates all the elements pricier solutions provide. She has recently built a payment platform into the site that allows for credit card payments so you could say she’s truly Listing Site Independent, although she still markets on the big listing sites.

Listen to the Celine talk about:

  • How flooding didn’t deter her from getting into the business (and the surprising connection to a niche market)
  • The importance of research before accepting longer term rentals
  • Why she feels making connections and engaging with guests gives her the edge in a very competitive environment.
  • How she has developed a hugely successful online Welcome book and pre-arrival information
  • What stands her out from the competition
  • Where she has found the most valuable vacation rental education and how that has contributed to her success
  • The connection between an Ironman competitor and an embroidered towel
  • What she would do differently if she started again tomorrow

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Loved this podcast Heather & Celine! So nice to hear your story. Your website and your properties are beautiful!

Villa Carpe Diem

I’m following up on the restaurant write up idea. It’s been on my to do list for far too long! #action

Heather Bayer

I’ll hold you accountable to that one Andy! So, when we visit in September, you’ll have the list all ready for us to use?

Celine Girard

Thank you Debi! 🙂

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