VRS135 – Learning in the Vacation Rental Industry

When I first started in this business I didn’t have much of a clue as to what to do to make a success of it. In fact it wasn’t until I was into equipping my second property that it dawned on me that cheap wasn’t working.

I’m not a slow learner – it was the speed in which we purchased properties that slowed the learning curve. But once I began to make changes and then saw the results in properties three, four and five, it was as if a veil had lifted and that’s when the business really took off.

It was at that time I wrote Renting for Profit, which was subsequently reprinted as Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit. I wanted to share everything I’d learned in buying, preparing and operating six vacation homes. So, it’s little wonder I get on my soap box when yet another online course is launched or a Kindle book published, by an owner who has been in the VR industry for six months operating a single apartment.

The ‘instant expert’ is out there in every business – from WordPress to digital marketing, social media to branding, and if you are not careful you can spend a lot of money on useless courses and books, delivered by people who have no experience in creating good training or writing readable material.

In this episode Mike and I explore the world of learning in our industry, from conferences to online courses to forums and groups. We share what works for us. Both of us are certificated teachers in adult education so we have a little experience in how training should be delivered, and how you can sift through the myriad products and publications out there and find something that is really of value to you.

This kicks off our learning theme for July as we evaluate the educators, and the material that’s currently available, so we look forward to hearing what works for you and what doesn’t.

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