VRS129 – May Vacation Rental Mash-up with Matt Landau

I like talking with Matt on months beginning with an M – it gives a nice alliterative title!

This month’s mash-up covers a good range of topics from the Vacation Rental Success Summit to the upcoming release of Matt’s beginners course to vacation rental.

We covered the use of Prezzi for presenting information; why owners are not using Snapchat; finding mentors and why Summit attendees were not complaining about Home Away fees.

Finally, Matt shared more about the gang intervention project he is involved in. If you haven’t heard of Esperanza head on over to the website, and prepare to be inspired:

“Esperanza’s goal is to make our community safer and more resilient by demobilizing street gangs and integrating their members into formal society and their territories into the broader community.”

Matt encourages all vacation rental owners and agencies to give back to their local communities in even small ways.

We’d love to hear how you are giving back and if you have an inspiring story to share.


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Terry Whyte

Great job again enjoyed listening.

Tom McCauley

Great to spend some time with you via podcast today…


Alway enjoy the mash-up! Do you have any idea when Matt will have his course for beginners ready? Checked his site and haven’t seen anything yet – or maybe I just don’t know where to look?

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