VRS119 – March Mash-Up With Vacation Rental Marketing Expert Matt Landau

The advent of booking fees has caused quite a stir across the industry in the past few weeks and I invited VRS regular, Matt Landau, to give his viewpoint on the topic and to share what he believes owners should be doing to adapt to what seems to be ‘the new normal’ in this business.

We talked about the natural and understandable reaction, which is to voice complaint about what’s deemed to be an unfair and divisive practice by the listing sites, and why it’s more practical to take a different approach.

Matt’s take is that instead of fighting the fees we should be using our energy instead to bolster our branding, invest in alternative forms of marketing, and take back control that way.

We finished the episode by talking about the upcoming Vacation Rental Success Summit; why we love face to face networking, and talk about the breakfast he and I are hosting in Toronto just for my podcast listeners. So, you have to listen to the end to get the code you will need to use so I can send you an invitation. We’d love to have you join us!

Tom McCauley

Great podcast! Looking forward to Summit

Tom McCauley

Happy to be an “Ambassador”, eh.

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