VRS118 – Successful Owner Series – Dean Curtis

I love to talk to owners who have been so successful with their vacation rental business, that it grows beyond one property, and sets them on a path they hadn’t envisaged at the start.

That is the case with my guest on this episode.

Dean Curtis and his wife (who is a realtor) wanted to invest in a cottage property, and the rental of it became an integral part of that investment plan. When that became hugely successful – and booked – they bought some nearby land and built a second property, and achieved the same level of success. At that point, scaling the business became a reality and Dean then partnered with other investors to bring two new properties on board.

Serenity Vacation Rentals was born.

Dean has a powerful hospitality ethic that underlies the success of Serenity VR and this has contributed to the growth of his brand, and the development of a strong repeat market.

He talks about the challenges of managing multiple properties from a distance; how his manual reservation systems are in need of some automation, and he shares some situations that required some on-the-spot solutions and quick thinking.

Dean’s properties are located in my part of the world so I am familiar with the challenges involved in managing and operating a cottage rental business around here.

In this episode Dean shares:

  • How he got into the business and saw the opportunities for growth
  • Some of the challenges of managing the cottages from a distance
  • How he reaches his target market and the secrets of his success
  • His strategies for keeping the properties booked
  • The philosophy behind the Serenity VR brand
  • Why it’s important to have a great website
  • How his competitors’ traditional mindset boosts his business
  • 3 important tips for owners considering renting out in their market

Serenity Vacation Rentals

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Serenity Vacation Rentals

Had a great time speaking with you on the podcast Heather and happy share any information I can with the listeners! Your listeners can reach me here or through my contacts above. Happy to help any way I can and look forward to meeting everyone at the Vacation Rental Success Summit!

Celine Girard

I really enjoyed this poscast from a fellow Canadian. Looking forward in meeting you Dean at the VRSS!

    Serenity Vacation Rentals

    I’m looking forward to it too! The VRSS is going to be great! – Can’t wait to get networking with others and sharing ideas!


Great job Dean. Your passion for your business really comes out in this podcast

Serenity Vacation Rentals

Thanks BeachFront! Hopefully you are heading to the VRSS! I look forward to talking with you more there or shoot me a message anytime!

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