VRS112 – The Step by Step Foolproof Process to Delight Your Guests

When I talk to an owner about delighting guests and what that means to them, they will invariably talk about the first impression their guests have of their property, the guest gift they leave, and the amenities they provide.

But there is so much more to creating happiness than the origami towel in the shape of a swan, and a few paper rose petals on the bed.

If that seems a little trite, let’s just say that the process for delighting guests doesn’t hinge on one action – it’s a combination of several, and it’s important to give equal attention to every step.

It starts from the very beginning, because if you don’t capture their attention at the outset, you’ll never get the opportunity to delight at a later stage.

Here’s part of an email we got this morning in our rental agency:

 “I want to thank you for being so quick in responding and helping, very impressive and so important for a rental co. A big reason why we are booking with clrm again. I sent an email to an agency in N.C.. on Sun and have yet to hear back. Might not rent with them even if some day they email back, brutal.”

 There are so many opportunities to make a difference and to stand out from the crowd, and in this episode I go through these steps and offer tips on how you can be memorable in each one.

The seven stages I share are:

Destination planning – this is what people do long before they contact you. What if you could delight them even before they even know you have accommodation to offer?

Property Search – this is where frustration sets in when owners don’t answer and listings don’t give all the information a guest wants. Be the one that delights.

Booking – make it easy and effortless….and create confidence…and you can deal with the apprehension that guests have at the point of payment.

Pre-vacation – the anticipation grows and it’s a great opportunity to hit social media and keep the momentum up. Why? Because people who are excited about an upcoming vacation will share with others. I tell you how to get them to talk about you before they even start their vacation.

Arrival – this is the time to WOW and capitalize on the relief they feel because they made the right decision. Your Welcome strategy can make all the difference.

Vacation time – your work doesn’t end just because your guests have arrived. Having a contingency plan can make the difference between increasing the delight or sabotaging all you’ve done in the build-up to the vacation.

Follow-up – continue the delight and you could have customers for life….and the raving fans who will never stop sharing.

If you are able to hook into your guests’ emotions at every stage, you have their attention and their loyalty.

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Bob Garner

Thanks Heather, a great reminder of what we all should do more of! We are doing pretty good of most of these topics but definitely fall down on 2 of them. The drip feed between booking and arrival and the post departure after thanking them for their review! Now added to my list to work on, thanks.

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