VRS111 – Successful Vacation Rental Owner Series With Kim Bergstrom

Today’s guest is the owner of three vacation rental properties in Oregon, one of which sleeps up to 20 people. She has remodeled all three homes and markets them successfully via a comprehensive website, a blog, and a powerful Facebook presence, alongside her third-party listings.

Kim Bergstrom was brought up enjoying the northern part of the Oregon coast from early childhood, so when the opportunity came to buy the family beach house in 1996, she just continued the adventure.

Since that time, two more properties have joined the Bergstrom collection, the latest of which has been a labor of love to restore to its original glory together with an old-fashioned telephone box!

In our interview, Kim shared more of the history of the Houses on Manzanita Beach and tells us how she manages the rentals of all three in terms of taking reservations and co-ordinating changeovers and emergency issues.

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This vacation rental marketing powerhouse has built her successful business around a strategy that encompasses several social media platforms and a very professional website. And after 20 years in the business, she knows that business inside and out. It was a real delight to have her share that experience.

Kim talked about:

• How the question ‘What’s there to do around here?’ launched a business
• The challenge of managing 3 properties
• What happens when a stove dies in one of the houses, and there is no-one local to fix it
• The importance of a robust reservation system
• Why she chose professionals to build the website and create a powerful video
• Her 3 tips for any owner planning a marketing strategy

Links mentioned in the podcast

Houses on Manzanita Beach

Manzanita Beach Life (Facebook Page)

Red Spiral Hand (Kim’s web designer)

Video Production: Shields Film

Windermere Lodges Video

Where you can find Kim:











Bob Garner

well done Heather and Kim, good to hear one of the best with one of the best


Great job Heather & Kim, and thanks for the shout-out. Looking forward to hearing you interview Matt on the 20th too.

Heather Bayer

Our 20th date will be a Blab with Matt as co-host so if you can come along to the blab we’d love to have you there!

Julia Hill

Hi Kim and Heather,

Great getting to know a little more about Kim and the Houses on Manzanita Beach. Basic laws of attraction! We approach our business very similar. Do whatever needs to be done. Nice to hear confirm the VR business is a good fit for marketing and creative types.

I frequently find myself saying- if this or that person lived closer they would be fun to have coffee with (or whatever beverage ?). Kim is one of those people. I’ve never been to Oregon, but her love for the culture and ability to translate what makes Manzanita unique and special sure does make me want to #goexplore.

Wishing everyone a happy and rewarding 2016!



Excellent interview, ladies! I enjoyed hearing more of your story, Kim. Your properties are beautiful and show your dedication and hard work.

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