VRS110 – Getting Off To A Great Start with Matt Ward

It was hard to put a title on this episode as I covered such a lot with today’s guest that if I’d included everything it would have run to a paragraph!

For a start, Matt Ward is one of Vacation Rental Success’s most loyal listeners having binge-listened to every episode over a 4 week period.  That impressed me so much I had to have him on the Show.

Matt and his partner Lisa have been proud owners of a Fort Myers condo since the summer of 2015, and he has quite a story to tell about buying and setting up the property and one of his recent rentals that was a bit of a baptism by over-occupancy.

As part of the set-up of his rental business, he’s built a website, a blog and uses email marketing and Facebook ads to promote the property. In fact, in 6 months he’s achieved what many owners take years to do.

tweetTweet: Getting your #VacationRental business off to a great start with @Webresults @Cottageguru http://ctt.ec/pm936+ pic.twitter.com/F1Vq09Ukf2

In his day job(s), Matt’s the CEO of a web development company, a motivational speaker and expert on how to make your website effective.

You’ll hear:

  •       How Matt researched his VR location and what it has to do with the Boston Red Sox
  •       Why it’s so important to check rental restrictions within condo associations
  •       Matt’s difficulties in finding a realtor who understood short-term rental
  •       How he checked in his first guests 72 hours after the HA listing went live
  •       What actions he took to deal with neighbor complaints
  •       Why a blog post about Bacon Fest resulted in a special invitation
  •       Matt’s tips on setting up your own website
  •       Where you should be publishing links to your blog posts for more traction

Links for this episode:

Jet Pack – https://jetpack.me/
Hootsuite – https://hootsuite.com/
In Concert Web Solutions – https://www.inconcertweb.com/
Favorite Sun (on Home Away) – https://www.homeaway.co.uk/p4058279
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/favoritesunfl/
The Favorite Sun – http://www.thefavoritesun.com/
Home Away Community Thread – https://community.homeaway.com/thread/52326


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Matt Ward

Great Questions Heather! I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to speak with you! Quick update….they did leave, as planned on Saturday….and we haven’t heard from them yet. Although I suspect we eventually will.

Julia Hill

WOW that’s a rough way to start off! Glad it all worked out ok. Our occupancy is dictated by our licensing- makes it cut and dry. According to the license terms any human counts – no matter the size. Thankfully we’re a stand alone property I’m not sure I could handle noisy Nellies and the Blue Hairs micromanaging our property and surrounding area. You’ve hit the ground running proving ingenuity and tenacity are two keys to success. Wishing you much success and welcome to VR ownership. Look forward to hearing more about your success.

Karen & Brian Knutsen

A wee bit behind over here in Maldives, which is ironic given we are ahead of you timezone wise, but I only just listened to this podcast. My question for Matt (since he is a website & SEO pro) is regarding using template sites like Wix.com. Given what I know now about WordPress, I totally would have used a them for my site but being uneducated and so not tech savvy, possibly like other Vacation Rental Owners, what advice would you give for those of us that use template sites?

michael hog

the latest of which has been a labour of love to restore to its original glory together with an old-fashioned telephone box!

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