VRS109 – Launching the Vacation Rental Formula

As 2015 winds down and we get ready for yet another new year, it just strikes me that time is whipping by, and if we don’t get going to achieve our goals, they may never happen.

This is one of the reasons Mike and I have created The Vacation Rental Formula – our new site for vacation rental owners and property managers…..and realtors.

I’ve been blogging and podcasting for over 10 years and have shared a huge amount of information over that time. For the past 6 years, Mike has been in the background doing the techie stuff and supporting everything I’ve done. On top of that, we are both adult education trainers – I was CEO of a UK management training company, and Mike’s been involved with teaching in the Army and more recently the Fire Service.

So, we decided to pool our expertise, and consolidate all the material we’ve created, together with our skills and knowledge as vacation rental owners and managers and bring you the only comprehensive training package available on the web.

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In this episode, we discuss how we kicked off the Formula and what is behind the name, as well as giving you a taste of what you can expect if you join us.

Links to what we discussed:

The Vacation Rental Formula
Webinar Registration


Hi Heather, I’m just trying to understand whether your new site is a collection of the articles etc that have been here on this site for free? I’m sure there will be new content as well but am querying whether there is now a fee to access all the previously existing info?

    Heather Bayer

    No, it is all new material we’ve been working on for months, put together in short course format with worksheets and a ton of resources. We went through all the posts from CB and worked out what were most popular and which had the most questions, then created solid action plans from them. It’s far from a curation of articles. We also have a great Facebook group, a weekly Blab Q & A and monthly training webinars. So much in one space!

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