VRS089 – Keeping on the Right Side of Your Vacation Rental Neighbours

In this episode Mike and I sit down and chat about two issues that affect every vacation rental owner – neighbour relations and general safety, and discuss the importance of emergency planning.

I brought up the topic of keeping on side with the neighbours because I’m personally affected by super-noisy rental guests next door this week. Fortunately it only happens once a year but it got me thinking how I would feel if our neighbours rented indiscriminately every week of the summer. Then on the other side of the picture, Mike talks about the difficulties he faced with his neighbours at Sea Breeze when he started renting it out and shares his master stoke of genius to get them on side.

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Given Mike’s firefighter expertise, we segued into talking about fire safety and emergency planning for various situations including power outages. Mike shared his thoughts on fire extinguishers, CO monitors and why it’s a great idea to talk to your local firefighters about ways to create a safer property.

Links to things discussed in this episode:

10 Steps To Emergency Preparedness

Robert Dickerson

Another thought provoking episode, thank you for the fire safety reminders Mike. Always good to engage the neighbors too.

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