VRS088 – August Mash-Up With Matt Landau

This month Matt and I talk about a couple of issues raised on the Inner Circle in the last few weeks. One member reported that his agency calls for his Home Away listings are being diverted to a call centre in Jamaica which has raised some interesting questions. It seems that HA are having some teething problems with this particular feature, as Matt describes.

We also discuss a recent post on the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog that focuses on an Airbnb host in South Africa and her marketing strategy that includes a beautiful website on the Square Space platform. Cecelle wanted to stand out from the crowd and Matt’s pretty impressed with how she is doing it.

As ever, our discussion ranges across a variety of vacation rental topics and it’s always enlightening to talk with Matt. His quote of the day is from Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


Vacation Rental Marketing Blog – Airbnb Hosts

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Donna Martinez

Love the discussion on hi-speed wifi. Ironically given my husband’s job having to be always be “connected” – yes the satellite phone is packed first, then my undies… I have to admit that I actually look for places that brag they have NO wifi bars so that we may actually have a vacation!

Heather Bayer

Donna – the comment that ‘wifi is as important as water’ was telling. It’s the top booking criteria this summer and our availability calendars show it clearly. We have vacancies in properties that always rented well in the past, but guests say they cannot return because there is no wifi.

Donna Martinez

Yes for us it is very important- this photo was shared with me of a reunion held at our home and how the friends spent their time.

You also mentioned and I agree -that perhaps when you don’t have a frequently requested amenity then you need to mention that as well. This is also done in those small restaurants who are cash/check only and do not use credit cards.


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