VRS083 – A Week in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager

Happy Canada Day! (and US Independence Day in a few days)

I love this time of year and the pride I feel as a ‘New Canadian' but I do have a price to pay as the CEO of a Vacation Rental Management agency as the green flag is lowered on our high season. The festivities pass all too quickly and the memories fade, but as each June comes around, it all comes flooding back just how busy we are the last two weeks of the month and the beginning of July.

From last-minute bookings to over-occupancy requests, myriad questions and check-in issues to post rental claims and maintenance problems, our staff of seven is pretty much on the go from start of business until the end of the day.

And this is just the beginning of the season for our small vacation rental management company.

In this episode, I give you some insight into how we manage all the different activities, the things that happen every day that have the potential to throw us a curveball, and how we go about keeping up the personal connection with our guests and owners.

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I’m sharing with you:

  • why our rental demographic makes screening essential
  • the most common check-in complaint
  • the importance of keeping the neighbors happy
  • the reasons we speak to most of our guests before they book
  • the one word, and the phrase that raises the most red flags
  • why our annual law-student hire is the best move we ever made
  • how we recognize serial complainers and what we do about it
  • the impact of the weather (you’ll understand why I obsess over it!)

……and above all, I share my love of the job!